Higher Education Min calls to utilise youth population

Minister of Higher Education Dr Ibrahim Hassan. (Photo / Higher Education Ministry)

Minister of Higher Education Dr Ibrahim Hassan called to utilize the youth population of Maldives. 

He made this statement while speaking at the UNESCO-organized 'Youth as Research in Sri Lanka and the Maldives'.

The minister said that the population of Maldives comprises 45 percent youth. Hence, the initiation needs to be taken to provide the opportunity to engage in social and economic development. 

Moreover, he said that the minister said that he hopes through research, ways for youth to engage can be found.

Furthermore, he noted that the most important lesson youth can learn about democracy and policies was to raise their voice, get the chance to make decisions, and have the opportunity to influence. 

He noted that youth becoming researchers was one of the most important steps that can be taken in that direction. 

Talking about the report by ILO Youth and Covid-19 that focuses on the impacts on jobs, education, rights, and mental wellbeing, Minister Dr. Ibrahim said that there were many lessons to be learned from it.

"We need to believe that the youth isolated, whose schools closed, faced with limited mobility and loss of employment death with mental health issues."

Furthermore, as per the report, youth need patience, the ability to face sudden situations, and able to deal with the situation. 

Hence, youth need the opportunity to make policies that impact them, enforce them and raise their voices.

The Minister expressed hope that through the thinking and research thinking by youth, they may be able to find solutions to the issues in the society