Nabeeh competes in finals of world’s biggest Quran competition

Al-Hafiz Ahmed Nabeeh competes in the 42nd King Abdulaziz International Quran Competition. (Photo/Center for Holy Quran)

Al-Hafiz Ahmed Nabeeh from Maldives has taken part in the final round of the 42nd King Abdulaziz International Quran Competition - the biggest Quran competition held in the world.

The competition saw the participation of 153 people from 111 countries. Two Maldivians participated in the competition but only Nabeeh qualified for the finals.

Nabeeh, who is on the spectrum, had hit the headlines back in 2017 at the age of 14 years by learning to recite Quran by heart in three short months.

State Minister for Islamic Affairs Al-Sheikh Ilyas Jamal noted Nabeeh is the only Maldivian to qualify to the finals of the competition in recent years.

Nabeeh’s mother Aminath Mohamed, who is in Medina with her son, told Sun he recited in the first round on September 10, and the second round on September 15.

Aminath said the second round was held at Masjid al-Haram. She said that Nabeeh, as someone with severe autism, had faced difficulties having to recite Quran at an open space.

“It was an open space. He got distracted when he saw two birds there. He’s very scared of birds,” she said.

Aminath said Nabeeh had done well, despite the distractions.

They expect to have the results of the finals on September 22.

She thanked State Minister Ilyas for his support.