Ooredoo Passport: Roaming discounts of up to 90% in over 200 destinations

Ooredoo is offering customers traveling abroad discounts of up to 90 percent on roaming rates with Ooredoo Passport, a special SIM card perfect for frequent travelers.

With Ooredoo Passport, customers will be able to get the lowest roaming rates in over 200 destinations including over 100 4G enabled destinations.

Ooredoo Maldives’ Chief Commercial Officer Hussain Niyaz said the Ooredoo Passport is a great option for frequent flyers to stay in touch with their friends and family.

According to Ooredoo, the Ooredoo Passport enables customers to stay connected with their loved ones and share moments from their holiday online while keeping their own number active.

“With up to 90 percent discount on roaming rates across 200+ destinations, it definitely gives our customers greater value for money and avoid getting large bills at the end of a wonderful journey. Our team is continuously working to provide the best services and great deals to keep our customers connected wherever, whenever,” he said.

Existing and new Postpaid roaming customers who would like to get the lowest roaming rates can upgrade their existing SIM card to an Ooredoo Passport SIM from any Ooredoo Experience Center (OEC) in the greater Male’ region.

Customers can activate roaming service through My Ooredoo self-care portal or by visiting an OEC.

Customers can easily self-activate data roaming service by dialing *929*6#.

Ooredoo Passport SIM gets automatically activated once the customer starts using roaming service in a country where Ooredoo Passport coverage is available.

Ooredoo advices Ooredoo Passport customers to have their SIM Application settings on “Automatic” prior to their travel, to enjoy this hassle-free, worry-free service.

Roaming customers who don’t change their SIM card to an Ooredoo Passport SIM or visit countries where Ooredoo Passport coverage is not available, will still be able to roam as per the standard roaming rates.

Ooredoo Passport customers who wish to switch to a Prepaid plan or a Bill Control Postpaid can have their Ooredoo Passport SIM replaced with a normal a SIM card.

More information regarding Ooredoo Passport is available on the company’s website.