AG Office submits bill to resume taking green tax

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath answering a question posed by a parliamentarian at a parliamentary question session. (Photo/People's Majilis)

The Attorney General’s Office (AG) has sent a bill to Parliament proposing amendments to the Tourism Act in order to resume the collection of Green Tax.

Implementation of the Green Tax came to a halt following the ratification of the latest amendment to the Tourist which states that the tax will be implemented starting next year.

The amendment was passed by the Parliament at the 22nd sitting of its second session for the year held on June 30. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified the amendment on July 4.

The aim of this amendment was to mandate Green Tax upon hotels and guesthouses similar to resorts.

In this regard, the amendment to the Act’s Article 35 (g) states that Green Tax will be enforced upon tourist resorts, hotels, tourist vessels, and guesthouses starting from next year’s January.

Therewith, the Green Tax that was being collected from resorts till the enactment of the amendment had come to halt.

AG Office stated on Sunday that in addition to the Green Tax bill, the Goods and Services Tax bill and a bill with amendments to the Judges Act were sent to the Parliament as well.

Moreover, the office noted that there are plans to submit a total of 30 bills from the government to the ongoing Parliament session.