Thulusdhoo Council slapped with MVR 45,000 fine for disposing waste into sea

K. Thulusdhoo.

K. Thulusdhoo Council has been fined over the issue of disposing contents of food waste dustbins placed at the island into the sea.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on Wednesday night, stated that Thulusdhoo Council was disposing contents of food waste dustbins into the sea in violation of the Waste Management Regulation.

Therewith, EPA said that following investigations, Thulusdhoo Council is being fined by MVR 45,000 for disposal of waste in violation of the stipulated regulations.

The fine payment needs to be made within a 30-day timeframe, excluding government holidays.

EPA also called on the immediate halt of disposal of contents from wastebins at Thulusdhoo into the sea.

An administrative action was also taken against Thulusdhoo Council – as part of which the Council must formulate a waste management plan on an island-level and submit it to EPA within a period of 30 days, inclusive of government holidays.