MNU kicks off orientation week ahead of second semester of the year

Maldives National University (MNU). (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Ifaz)

Maldives National University (MNU), on Sunday, has kicked off orientation week for new students enrolled for the second semester of the year.

As per the university, the purpose of the orientation week to familiarize new students with the regulations and rules of the university.

Sessions under the orientation week till continue until tomorrow.

A general orientation session for all new students enrolling in the university was held yesterday at MNU’s Central Auditorium. Over 500 students participated in the session physically and via Zoom.

During this session – the new students were briefed on academic related matters, services available for students, exam information and library. They were also briefed about the activities of MNU’s student union.

A more focused orientation is also planned for the week – by students’ specific campuses and faculties.

MNU is scheduled to commence teachings of the courses in the second semester for the year on next Saturday.