Education Minister: Physical work on issuance of license for teachers to commence this year

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Underscoring that all documents pertaining to issuance of license for teachers is complete – Education Minister Aishath Ali, on Sunday, has stated physical works on issuance of license for teachers will commence within this year.

In an address on the occasion of the commencement of the academic new year – Minister Aishath said that issuance of license to teach for teachers is the most important step which can be taken towards improving the education sector.

“As a result of this, (I) hope the teaching field improves – whereas we are able to retain skilled and honorable teachers in the future,” she had said.

Noting that it is nearing one year since the new Education Act has come into force – Minister Aishath said that all regulations required to be formulated under the law has now been completed. She added that the regulations will be enforced starting the commencement of the academic new year.

Minister Aishath stressed that the main priority of the new law is to ensure the safety and protection of children. Therewith, she urged everyone who comes in contact with students to be cautious.

“All school employees and parents must pay special attention to ensure children are not harmed by anyone,” she added.

In her address, the Minister also stressed the importance of students becoming beneficial people to the society.

“It is important that all students take part in an activity which benefits the island they live in, their neighborhood, their family and their environment,” she had said.

She also highlighted the importance of students learning at least two life skills in preparation for their future.

Apart from this, Minister Aishath said that she hoped the salary increment for teachers on May will lead to teachers being more responsible in their jobs.

The academic new year commenced today at all schools across Maldives with a total of 92,300 students.