MQA: Will take action for misconduct of accredited programs

Maldives Qualifications Authority's (MQA) CEO Dr. Abdul Hannaan.

Maldives Qualifications Authority (MQA) has warned that they will take action against educational institutes misconducting programs accredited by the Authority.

In a statement released on Thursday, MQA underscored having received complaints from the public that some higher educational institutes were conducting programs accredited by MQA in violation of the approved standards and accreditation regulations.

On this note, they detailed the issue of some higher educational institutions advertising e-learning for programs that have not been permitted by MQA to be conducted online. They stressed that this was a clear violation of the Program Accreditation Regulation.

Therewith, MQA stressed that action will be taken against higher educational institutes if such violations are taken note of in line with the Higher Education and Training Act and Program Accreditation Regulation. They also added that programs conducted in violation of accreditation regulations will not be recognized by the Authority.