Criminal court sentences two for attempted break into Maafushi Prison

Maafushi Prison. (Photo/V News)

The Criminal Court has sentenced two for attempting to break into the Maafushi Prison.

Out of the two, one has been sentenced to four months in jail, while the second person has been fined half a lakh.

The incident in question took place on September 22, 2019.

The state has charged Ismail Hamaadh from R. Maduvvari, Fehiali and Ibrahim Jazlan from N. Manadhoo, Cabirian.

Both have been charged with attempting to break into a place they were not allowed to. They had gone near the Maafushi Prison area by a small dingy and jumped into the water in an attempt to smuggle some items in that way.

By the time they were seen by Police, they were trying to climb over the prison walls. Both jumped back into the water trying to escape when they were seen.

Notably, in a bag dropped during their attempt to escape, items that were not allowed into the prison were found.

During the court proceedings, both denied the charges and had gone without lawyers.

When the charges were denied, the court asked to present the evidence, which included prior information on the prison break, police officers, and prison officers involved in the operation.

Once the charges were proved against both of the beyond a doubt, Jazlan asked to be given a fine instead of a jail sentence. He had provided financial statements to support his ability to pay the fines.

He provided documents that stated that he was working as a logistics officer at Kool Temp Maldives, earning MVR 12,000.

Hence, the presiding Judge Ali Adam fined Jalzan MVR 53,600 instead of the four months and 24 days prison sentence.

He is sentenced to pay the amount within a year to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA).