Scout Association condemns misuse of its uniform

From the parade held in Th. Kinbidhoo to celebrate Eid.

The Scout Association of Maldives has condemned the misuse of its uniform in some of the festivities held in Th. Kinbudhoo during Eid al Adha.

In a statement released by the association, it noted that the Scout Movement was the largest worldwide organization that works toward educating youth in order to develop talented individuals.

Moreover, it noted that the organization does not have any political or any other affiliations, and works non-profit for anything that’s asked of them by the country, at both island and national levels.

“The Scout uniform and symbols associated with it are solely for the use of those who had undertaken the scout oath as permitted by the Scout Association and the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Using the uniform and other representations without the permission of the Scout Association was not allowed.”

The association stated that it does not accept anyone using the uniform in a manner that is disrespectful.

Furthermore, the association will be taking action against those who engage in such acts.