Former Judge Haleem appointed STELCO’s Legal Manager

Former Civil Court Judge Mohamed Haleem who was appointed as STELCO's Legal Manager. (Photo/Facebook)

Former Civil Court Judge Mohamed Haleem has been appointed as State Electric Company Limited’s (STELCO) Legal Manager.

STELCO’s Spokesperson told Sun on Thursday that Haleem was appointed for the post very recently. The Spokesperson detailed that Haleem was selected for the post from applicants who put forth applications following an announcement.

STELCO did not disclose the salary details and allowances for Haleem.

Subsequent to his resignation as a judge, Haleem was involved in political activities. In this regard, he participated in activities of former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb’s party, Maldives Third-Way Democrats. (MTD).

In this regard, he led the protestors that recently protested in front of former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s residence against ‘India Out’ campaign.

Haleem was also recently sentenced to pay pending monies of a loan withdrawn from Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) following non-payment.