HPA warns against still increasing dengue, flu cases

People wear masks as they walk along a street in Hulhumale'. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

Health Protection Agency (HPA), on Thursday, has stressed observing an increase of three diseases this year compared to the same period of last year, urging the public to take precautionary measures.

The health agency named the three diseases as dengue, viral flu and influenza.

In this regard, statistics show that 185 cases of dengue were reported in May, of which 73 cases were reported in the last week of the month. Meanwhile, 294 cases of dengue were reported in June, of which 68 cases were reported in the last week of the month.

HPA advised to cover as much as possible, to make use of mosquito repellent, and to keep doors and windows closed early morning and, in the evening, as preventative measures. Moreover, they advised not to discard items like cans which can retain water on streets and home premises.

Home remedies suggested by HPA for those contracting dengue included drinking more fluids, resting, and taking paracetamol. They have also advised consulting a doctor if the fever exceeds three days, is unable to take fluids or feels too weak.

A total of 13,361 viral flu cases were reported in May. Meanwhile, 21,802 cases of viral flu were reported in June.

HPA said that the number of samples taken following influenza symptoms has increased significantly in June compared to May. They also stressed that six samples that were tested returned positive.

The health agency stressed the importance of taking precautionary measures against viral flu – urging to properly covering mouth and nose when sneezing, observing proper hygiene and frequently washing hands.