Taxi Driver's Association welcomes price hikes

Taxi queue at Velana International Airport. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Taxi Driver's Association of the Maldives welcomed the government's decision to increase taxi fares for the greater Male' area.

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation officiallSpeakingnced increasing the taxi fares on July 5. 

Speakig with Sun, the Secretary of General of the association Ahmed Shamal said that Transport ministry's announcement will greatly decrease the concerns of taxi drivers. 

"We hope to hold further discussions with the ministry in the future and find solutions for other concerns of the drivers."

He also stressed that a permanent solution to the concerns would be to introduce taxi meters, and added that discussions were ongoing regarding this. 

Updated taxi fares:

  • Male, Hulhumale Phase I and Phase II: MVR 30
  • Male' to Hulhumale Phase I and Hulhumale Phase I: MVR 85
  • Male' to Hulhumale Phase II and Hulhumale Phase II: MVR 100
  • Male' to Hulhule and Hulhule to Male': MVR 70 
  • Hulhumale Phase I to Hulhule and Hulhule and Hulhumale Phase I: MVR 80 
  • Hulhumale Phase II to Hulhule and Hulhule to Hulhumale Phase II: MVR 85
  • Hulhumale Phase I to Hulhumale Phase II and within Phase II: MVR 40

The statement by the ministry, noted that the changes were due to the increase in fuel prices.