Name sought for Maldives’ first space mission

IGS’ Chairman and CEO Rifath Mohamed.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has opened the opportunity for the public to submit names for Maldives’ first space mission.

Via a tweet on Wednesday, the main sponsor of the space mission said that they are seeking “cool” and “catchy” names. They also stressed that it was an opportunity for the public to become a part of Maldives’ first space mission.

HDC has instructed those that wish to suggest such names to do so by filling a google form before July 16.

The space mission team includes of seven youths under the age of 30. Inclusive of two women and five men – the youths in the team are aerospace engineers, electronic and mechanical engineers and graduates of computer science.

The project is carried out by Institute for Global Success (IGS).

IGS and HDC has previously stated that is to produce and test the first prototype satellite of the Maldives. The satellite is to be used to gather data on climate change and global warming.