Amr: Controlled supply of fuel to sellers in islands stop illicit businesses

February 24. 2021: A man refueling a motorcycle in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

State Trading Organization’s (STO) Managing Director Hussain Amr Mohamed has stated that Fuel Supplies Maldives’ (FSM) took the decision to limit supply of fuel to sellers in islands in order to stop illicit businesses.

Speaking to Sun today, Amr said that fuel is sold by FSM at their sheds, to fishermen and islands is provided at a cheaper price to ease the financial constraints the general public may face at a time the prices of fuel has significantly increased in the global market.

However, he stressed that fuel is sold to resorts at a fair price for it.

“Whilst we are doing this, we have taken note of some people reselling fuel sold to the general public to resorts,” he added.

To combat this, Amr said that sellers in islands have been informed they will not be supplied more fuel than how much they get on an average.

In this regard, sellers purchasing fuel from FSM has been sent a notice, informing them the same today.

At present, the price of crude oil barrel in the global market is USD 111.

FSM last increased the price of fuel sold in Maldives following the hike in global fuel prices on June 24.

As such, the price petrol has been raised from MVR 14.60 per liter to MVR 16.55 per liter, and the price of diesel has been raised from to MVR 14.80 per liter to MVR 16.77 per liter.