COVID-19 amongst hospitalized patients increase signaling danger

A young patient seeking treatment at IGMH. (Sun file photo)

Expert doctors have stressed having observed increased COVID-19 positivity amongst patients hospitalized over other diseases  – which they describe as an indication of how dire the situation is.

Maldives has begun seeing an increased number of COVID-19 cases following a significant drop in cases within the past couple of months.

HPA advised caution over increased cases last week.

The health agency, on Sunday, said that COVID-19 cases were still on the rise; advising the public to take precautionary measures. They added that statistics would soon be released. 

Hospitalization of patients over different diseases is only greenlighted if the patient is negative for COVID-19.  Meanwhile, patients testing positive for COVID-19 are treated at specialized facilities for the disease.  

On Sunday night, Dr. Mohamed Ali, a pulmonologist working at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), said that hospitalized patients were testing positive for COVID—19. He detailed that this indicates a high number of COVID-19 cases within the community.

“Therewith, those who are visiting inpatients at hospitals should be very careful. Must also put effort to decrease number of visitors,” he added.

IGMH's National Center for Respiratory Medicine's Dr. Mohamed Ali.

In announcing the early advisory regarding increased COVID-19 cases – HPA urged to isolate and test should one be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. The authority also advised to wear masks if showing symptoms of the disease and at crowded places.

Maldives had lifted the state on national public health emergency declared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 13. Following the revocation of the state of public health emergency, Maldives scrapped many of the restrictions imposed to control the pandemic, including the mask mandate and PCR testing for travelers.

Although cases are on the rise – HPA stated they will not yet be implementing any measures.

Along with a rise in cases – Maldives recorded a COVID-19 death on Sunday, marking the first disease-related fatality in three weeks.

The impending school holidays during which an increase in travel is expected may further worsen the outbreak.