JSC finalizes magistrates for 3 islands

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) headquarters. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has finalized magistrates for three islands.

Magistrates have been finalized for Gdh. Faresmathodaa, F. F

The commission had previously announced seeking magistrates for a total of 10 islands.

JSC seeks chief magistrates for:

GDh. Faresmathoda

F. Feeali

B. Dharavandhoo

Th. Guraidhoo

Sh. Komandoo

Sh. Funadhoo

HDh. Nolhivarum

Ha. Dhidhdhoo

JSC seeks magistrates for:

D. Kudahuvadhoo

GDh. Thinadhoo

JSC revealed that they have interviewed with all the applicants that meet their requirements.

“The committee that appoints judges advised on hiring three magistrates for three magistrate courts.”

Magistartes have been fianzlied for:

Th. Guraidhoo – Aishath Ibrahim

Gdh. Thinadhoo – Nashathath Zaima

HDh. Nolhivarum – Liusha Abdul Sattar

Aishath Ibrahim appointed to Guraidhoo Court attained her Bachelor of Shariah and Law with Honours from Islamic University of Maldives and Masters of Shirah and Law from Villa College. She has worked as a Public Prosecutor at the Prosecutor Generals Office for over four years. Moreover, she worked at the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) as an Assistant Investigator for three years. 

Meanwhile, Nashathath appointed to Thinadhoo Court received her Bachelor of Shariah and Law with Honours from the Islamic University of Maldives. She went on to work at the Prosecutor General's Office as an Assistance Public Prosecutor and later as a Public Prosecutor, for a total of more than six years. 

Liushath, appointed to Nolhivarun Court received her Bachelor of Shariah and Law and Master of Shariah Law (Specialization in Criminal Law) from Villa College. She worked as a lawyer in a law firm for over two years. 

The newly appointed will be taking their oath on August 1.