“Nala Taxi” app launches, offering new features

“Nala Taxi” app. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

"Nala Taxi", a new taxi app, is set to officially launch at 00:00 hours on Friday, offering new features. 

The app is now available for download on Play Store and App Store. 

One of the features the new app offers is the option to select the number of passengers and luggage, which allows customers to get the right type of vehicle for their needs. 

The app’s founder, Ahmed Habeeb told Sun that first-time customers will receive free rides in the first 24 hours, once the app launches at 00:00 hours. 

“Nala Taxi” app. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Requests for taxis will go to the nearest vehicles, and the app allows both customers and drivers to call each other. 

“The app will automatically read the current location. You have to select the destination, the number of passengers, and make the request,” said Habeeb. 

Customers can track the taxi that is coming to pick them up.  

The app also offers a feature which provides female customers the option of selecting a female driver. 

Habeeb said that one of the biggest differences between his app and other taxi apps is that it offers customers the option of booking taxis for others, by entering their phone number. 

The app also has a security feature, which allows customers to share the link to their ride. 

“For example, my daughter takes a taxi. She will be able to share the link with her father through the app. And the father check from his home to see the taxi is taking the right route. He will be able to check updates in real time,” said Habeeb. 

“Nala Taxi” app. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

An additional app, “Nala Taxi Drivers” has also been introduced for “Nala Taxi” drivers. Drivers who register on the app will be screened, and will receive three-month free subscription. 

“We will check through the dashboard and activate drivers who submit the necessary documents. If drivers are missing any documents, we will give them a chance to submit the missing documents,” he said. 

Once the app launches, “Nala Taxi” services will be available in Male’ City, Addu City, and Kulhudhuffushi City. 

Habeeb said that “Nala Taxi” rates will be consistent with the taxi rates set by Transport Ministry. Complaints of drivers charging higher rates will be investigated, he said.