MP Shiyam: Current administration cannot solve financial constraints of local councils

MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam. (Photo/People's Majlis)

PPM’s Vice President, Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the current administration will not be able to solve the issue of financial constrains faced local councils in their operations.

Speaking at today’s parliamentary sitting regarding the decree he had submitted on the enforcement of powers conferred to councils and addressing the issues faced by councils in discharging their duties – MP Shiyam stated that although the government will not be able to address the difficulties faced by the councils, the parliament would work on addressing the constitutional and regulatory discrepancies faced by the councils.

“The current administration cannot address the difficulties faced by councils, especially pertaining to regulations and financial matters that I am aware of. Nevertheless, there are some regulatory issues and constitutional discrepancies. At the very least, we can solve these issues,” he had said.

Speaking further, MP Shiyam stressed that state income had significantly decreased – adding that what is being earned is being spent on sustaining the government.

In the decree submitted by MP Shiyam – he underscored that local councils were facing massive financial constraints. He detailed that many difficulties were faced within civil service, particularly citing disapproval of requests to recruit additional stuff from the council’s budget to further the services being provided by the council.

The decree also highlights that the Local Government Authority (LGA) has instructed councils to send a new framework – whilst frameworks had already been submitted last year. Underscoring one year has passed without the frameworks being approved – it was stressed in the decree that his has cut down the number of council staff leading to difficulties in carrying out the council’s works.

MP Shiyam said that although the political party advocating a decentralized governing system is currently in power – the implementation of a decentralized system is not observed.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of ‘Viavathi Raajje’ conference last month – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that the government must consider the state’s income when providing larger block grants to financially empower local councils. 

However, he assured that he would discuss granting financial empowerment with his cabinet, and provide a solution to the issue.