India completes survey of Maldives’ northern and central waters

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi is presented with the fair sheet of the survey conducted by INS Sutlej. (Photo/Defense Ministry)

India and Maldives have completed hydrographic survey of waters in the Male’ area and northern Maldives.

The work was part of the second joint hydrographic survey of Maldives by the Indian army and Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). Indian ship INS Sutlej was used for the survey. Maldivian Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi was briefed regarding the findings of the survey on Tuesday.

Maldives Hydrographic Service said that sounding was done on 6,500 nanometers under the second hydrographic survey. That included 4,750 nanometers in the north and 1,730 nanometers in Male’ area. An 844 square meter area was surveyed between HDh. Hanimaadhoo and Sh. Funadhoo, and a 100 square meter area in Male’ area.

Maldives Hydrographic Service said INS Sutlej used multibeam echosounders for the survey. The ship conducted tidal observations of 10 locations in Male’ area and four in northern Maldives.

The service said the survey would help update the electronic navigational charts of the region, and strengthen safety measures on board ships travelling in the region.