MFDA asks to sell eggs with visible expiration date

A person holding some eggs. (Sun filed photo)

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) on Monday called to sell eggs with an expiration date visible.

In a statement released by the authority regarding the selling of spoiled eggs, MFDA noted that they have been receiving complaints of bad eggs in shops of Male’.

Hence, the statement noted that there is a chance of an adverse effect on people’s health and a possibility of spreading diseases.

Additionally, it noted that eggs at cool temperature can only be kept until three months, and unchilled eggs can only be kept for 28 without going bad. It also stated that once this period is up, there was a chance of the eggs going bad.

Due to this, MFDA urged sellers to control the temperatures of eggs in storage and also urged consumers to take note of the expiration date when buying.