AG Office sends three bills to President’s Office for submission to Parliament

The President's Office. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Attorney General’s Office (AG Office) has sent three bills to the President’s Office, to be submitted to the Parliament on behalf of the government.

The three bills sent to the President’s Office are as follows;

  • Bill to Amend Public Finance Act
  • Bill to Amend Criminal Procedure Code
  • Bill on Waste Management Act

The Bill to Amend Public Finance Act proposes measures to further strengthen regulations on withdrawal of loans by the state, issuance of sovereign guarantee, issuance of special grants from state budget, calculation of finances and the formulation of annual budget.

Apart from this, the Bill includes addition of sections to the Act on sovereign development fund and the fund’s oversight and the functioning of state procurement system. It also proposes amendments to stipulated regulations on taking actions against individuals in violation of Act and other amendments to address difficulties presently faced in the enforcement of the Act.

The Bill to Amend Criminal Procedure Code aims to establish detailed regulations on the protection of individuals who testify.

This includes circumstances under which plea agreements can be made and the rules to adhere to in making such plea agreements. The Bill also comprises of other amendments necessary to Criminal Procedure Code in order to address the difficulties presently faced in its enforcement within the criminal justice system.

Bill on Waste Management Act aims to establish a legal framework for implementing sustainable waste management in the Maldives.