JSC seeks magistrates for 10 islands

Members of the Judicial Service Commission. (Photo/JSC)

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has announced seeking magistrates for courts in 10 islands.

According to the announcement, for eight islands, JSC was seeking chief magistrates and magistrates for the remaining two islands.

JSC seeks chief magistrates for:

GDh. Faresmathoda

F. Feeali

B. Dharavandhoo

Th. Guraidhoo

Sh. Komandoo

Sh. Funadhoo

HDh. Nolhivarum

Ha. Dhidhdhoo

JSC seeks magistrates for:

D. Kudahuvadhoo

GDh. Thinadhoo

The basic pay for chief magistrates is MVR 21,000 per month, while for magistrates it is MVR 18,850 per month.

Moreover, including all the different allowances for chief magistrates, the overall pay totals at MVR 25,600.

With all the allowances, magistrates would make MVR 23,500 per month.

Both magistrates and chief magistrates will also get medical insurance as well as phone allowance as allocated by the Parliament.