Rehendhi Award 2022: 8 women given recognition

First Lady Fazna Ahmed (L) presenting the Rehendhi Award to one of the recipients during a special ceremony held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. (Photo/ President's Office)

The Rehendhi Award 2022 was conferred to 8 women and associations, in recognition of the role played by them in national service, national development and the development of Maldivian society.

The winners were honoured in a special ceremony held to mark International Women’s Day.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attended as the guest of honour, accompanied by First Lady Fazna Ahmed and Vice President Faisal Naseem.

The brooches were presented to the recipients of the award by the First Lady.

Recipients of Rehendhi Award 2022:

Naseefa Ali – Muniyaage / Th. Vilufushi

Dr Fathmath Mufliha – H. Kandige no.2

Lieutenant Firushana Thaufeeg – Sunraise / Gdh. Faresmaathoda

Izzath Ahmed Nizar – Shellbeans / Hdh. Makunudhoo

Aishath Ibrahim – H. Kulhavahgasdhoshuge

Dhimna Farooq – Gusdhasthaa / S. Feydhoo

Shimla Ahmed – Artsralge / S. Hithadhoo

Fathmath Jabeen – M. Newhilman

In addition, to these individuals, Maldives Post Limited (MPL) was awarded as well.

Speaking at the ceremony the First Lady said that though Women’s Day has a different theme each year, the main focus of these themes had always remained consistent.

She further highlighted the countless hurdles faced by women in achieving gender equality even in today’s society, adding that a fair share of these obstacles and the burdens women are expected to carry would be reduced if men share the responsibilities.

Furthermore, she expressed contentment towards the progressive changes made by the administration in empowering women and noted the initiative to allocate leadership roles specifically for women in an effort to enhance representation and the role of women in society.

Moreover, she “reiterated that women bring a fresh perspective to the decision-making table, alluding to scenarios where meaningful contributions had been overlooked, that could have been presented to decision-makers had there been a better representation of women during the process.”

During this ceremony, the Vice President unveiled the Gender Equality Action Plan.

The Rehendhi Award is bestowed by the President to recognize the vital role played by women in developing the nation. A total of 55 people have been awarded since its inception in 2014.