Kondey chief magistrate suspended without pay

Chief Magistrate of GA. Kondey Magistrate Court, Mohamed Ibrahim.

The Chief Magistrate of GA. Kondey Magistrate Court, Mohamed Ibrahim has been placed under no-pay suspension following an investigation by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). 

In a statement on Wednesday, JSC said it made the decision to suspend Mohamed Ibrahim after he was found guilty of involvement in a case which conflicted with his own interests. 

He was suspended without pay for one month, starting Wednesday. 

JSC said that an investigation found that Mohamed Ibrahim, after he recused himself from a case submitted to Kondey Court due to conflict of interest, signed court documents sent the lawyers of the defendant in the case. 

The commission found that the magistrate in charge of the case did not ask Mohamed Ibrahim to sign the documents, but all documents pertaining to the case were signed by Mohamed Ibrahim.