Man who attacked MP Mickail’s mother sentenced to nine months in jail

Ahmed Jazeel, 39, M. Honeycomb, who was arrested for violently attacking South Galolhu MP Ahmed Meekail Naseem’s mother, Mariyam Zubair (Mandhy) and another individual.

Criminal Court has sentenced the man who attacked South Galolhu MP Ahmed Meekail Naseem’s mother, Mariyam Zubair (Mandhy), to nine months in jail.

The assailant charged in the case is identified as Ahmed Jazeel, 39, M. Honeycomb.

Mandhy was attacked with a vehicle chain on September 2, 2021, whilst she was Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) office. She sustained various injuries during the attack, including a wound to the head.

When Jazeel was tried at Criminal Court, he had admitted to the charges against him. With assault charges being proven, he was sentenced to nine months and two days in jail by the Criminal Court today.

Although Jazeel has been sentenced to jail over the assault, Mandhy has stated that did not wish her assailant to be sentenced to jail, stating that he required rehabilitation instead.

“I do not want Jazeel to be sentenced to jail after spending many days in a jail cell itself. He needs rehabilitation. Families without such a child are rare,” she had said.

Jazeel was also arrested this January, for making death threats against his own parents.