Land to be leased from Vilimale’ for industrial use

Vilimale'. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Male’ City Council has made the decision to issue land from suburban Vilimale’ for industrial use.

The council passed the decision to open applications for 13 lots currently vacant in the Vilimale’ Industrial Zone for industrial use, and to allocate a fixed number of lots for lease to Vilimale’ residents for economic activities during the council meeting on Wednesday.

The motion was presented by Vilimale’ councilwoman Nahula Ali. It passed with the majority vote of councilors who attended the meeting.

Nahula said she presented the motion to prioritize Vilimale’ residents, and grant the opportunity to conduct economic activities.

“There are a lot of people in Vilimale’, people who carry out economic activities out of their homes. There are a lot of people in Vilimale’ who run businesses like metal work, spice work, and other such work out of their homes,” she said.

The council decided facilitate opportunities for residents of Male’, and especially Vilimale’, to conduct economic activities at the Vilimale’ Industrial Zone.

The council decided that out of the 13 slots, six would be designated for Vilimale’ residents, and the rest would be for different districts of Male’ City. However, those who apply for the slots for Male’ residents must be registered to the city.