120 birds imported to Maldives put down under AG’s advice

Birds that were put down under Attorney General's advice.

Fisheries Ministry has stated that 120 birds that were imported to Maldives have been put down under the advice of the Attorney General.

Fisheries Ministry’s Executive Director Nasrulla Hussain confirmed to Sun that the birds were put down under the advice of the Attorney General,

Pet Master’s Manager Hussain Athif told Sun today that the birds were put down at Velana International Airport’s Plant and Animal Unit.

He detailed that around 120 birds were put down – which in total cost MVR 800,000.

Athif said that at the time the birds were brought to Maldives, the permit to import the particular type of birds had not existed. However, Athif said that amendments were made to the law after which the permit to import such type of birds were granted.

“Has been about three months, since (the birds) have been kept at the airport. When brought to Maldives, did not have the permit to import this type of birds. But later the list was updated, and the permit was granted for this type of birds as well,” he had said.

Athif stressed that the birds were put down very brutally, by injecting them. He also added that a case had been filed at the Civil Court regarding the matter, at the time they were put down.

A complaint over the case has been submitted to the Parliament by the company as well.

Athif said that Pet Master is ready to make any sacrifices in seeking compensation for the loss they have incurred over the birds.  

“If the case needs to be taken for Supreme Court, we will do that as well,” he added.