MNU: No plans to shift classes online

Students of MNU standing outside the university. (Photo/ Ibrahim Ifaz)

Maldives National Univesity (MNU) revealed that there are no plans to shift classes online. 

Previously, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the university stopped physical classes. With the dates for university opening drawing close, the number of cases in the country is alarmingly high, 

Due to the surge in cases within Maldives recently, the number of positive cases is well over 2,000 daily. 

Speaking to 'Sun', the Vice-Chancellor of MNU Dr Mohamed Shareef said that the university plan to bring students to class physically remains unchanged. He added that there was no plan to shift classes online. 

He added that a large number of the student population are vaccinated, hence he predicted that there was no fear of a mass spread. 

Dr Shareef also said that arrangements will be made for students who test positive as well as direct contacts of positive cases to join classes virtually. 

"From now on we will implement a hybrid system. I believe it will go well."

After halting physical classes in 2020, MNU resumed physical classes only in August 2021.