Yameen’s pledge to Komandoo residents: Will develop airport at Dhiguvelidhoo

PPM's Leader, former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom speaks at rally held in Sh. Komandoo as part of PPM's campaign for Komandoo by-election. (Photo/PPM)

Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) Leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has pledged that an airport will be developed at Dhiguvelidhoo, nearby Sh. Komandoo, in a PPM’s administration.

Speaking at a PPM rally held on Thursday, at Komandoo – Yameen said that during a PPM’s administration, Dhiguvelidhoo will become an island with an airport that connects Komandoo residents with residents of other Maldivian islands.

“By god’s will, during a PPM’s administration, Dhiguvelidhoo that is nearby here, will become an island that has an airport that connects you all to Male’ and other islands. Please believe this,” he had said.

Noting that Komandoo constituency is a fisheries area, Yameen said that he would turn back the nearby Keekimini to fish factory, which Komandoo residents can benefit from.

Pointing out that the biggest issue faced on the island is that of housing – he said that land was reclaimed at the island during his administration in order to address this issue.

Adding to that, he detailed that about MVR 500 million was spent during his administration for the development of the islands in Komandoo constituency.

“What we are saying today is that, MDP’s administration or the current administration, is talking about the projects we have commenced. Talking about making the land rich and land reclamation. But, what I have to say regarding this is that, please remember, the work was started, and finished back then. That is a project valued at around MVR 90 million. This was done by our administration,” he had said.

Yameen also strongly criticized the economic policies of the current administration. Stressing that that some of the government companies are not adequately functioning – he highlighted that Island Aviation is on verge of bankruptcy. Moreover, he also alleged that the government plans to sell 13 companies, including Island Aviation.

“The first company to be sold with become the company operating airplanes. Island Aviation. The point of letting the company fall into that much of a loss is to sell it, as different individuals have said so previously at our podiums. What is being done? What is their philosophy? Their philosophy is to sell waist chain on the mother’s lap,” he had said.

During Yameen’s speech, he also repeatedly stressed that India’s influence is adversely impacting the independence and sovereignty of the Maldives. On this note, he stressed that Maldives, today, is facing the biggest power it has had to since Boduthakufaanu’s jihad – and questioned where the individuals who loved the nation and religion were at, during this important period of time.