COVID-19: Active cases in Addu and Mahibadhoo rise above 100

A. Dh. Mahibadhoo. (Photo/Dynamyst)

Active cases of COVID-19 in Addu City and ADh. Mahibadhoo – removed from monitoring last December – have risen to over 100. 

Mahibadhoo, an island placed under monitoring four times due to COVID-19 outbreaks – was last removed from monitoring on December 13. 

However, people continue to test positive in the island, including direct contacts as well as those showing symptoms from the wider community. 

Mahibadhoo currently has 103 active COVID-19 cases, including 21 new cases recorded on Monday. 

Addu City was removed from monitoring after four months at the end of December. 

The city council requested Health Protection Agency (HPA) to remove Addu from monitoring citing the adverse economic impact from the prolonged restrictions, social constraints and improvement in the COVID-19 situation in the city. 

Addu was removed from monitoring after random sampling. 

However, active cases in the city have now risen to 132. 

According to the Addu Emergency Operations Center, the city recorded 27 new cases on Monday. One of the patients is hospitalized. 

COVID-19 cases in Addu are highest in the Hithadhoo district. Hithadhoo has 79 active cases, Meedhoo has 21, Feydhoo has 11, Hulhumeedhoo has 11, Maradhoo has six, Maradhoo-Feydhoo has two, and there are two additional cases from other categories.