Police commence special operation in conjunction with new year

Traffic police question motorcyclists getting on the Sinamale' Bridge during a curfew in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Police have commenced a special operation at sea and land, in conjunction with the new year.

Titles ‘Riveli 2021’, the operations commenced on December 24.

Male’ area is being patrolled under this operation – as part of which Police will questioning persons on the roads in the wee hours of the night without purpose.

In a press conference held today to brief the media regarding this operation, Head of Galolhu Police Chief Inspector Sultan Ahmed Bishar said that measures to ensure the safety of people have been strengthened in this operation.

Chief Inspector Sultan also said that ‘hotspots’ taken note by the Police in Male’ area will be searched.

He detailed that a total of 2,260 people have been stopped and searched during this operation. Meanwhile, 88 arrests have been made.

In addition to this, he said that checkpoints have been established in Male’ area as part of the operation – where vehicles are being checked.

“We are also taking action in addition to checking the vehicles,” he added.

A total of 3,516 vehicles have been checked in the operation – where Police identified 62 individuals driving without license and seven individuals driving recklessly. Furthermore, 84 vehicles have also been towed in the operation.

During this operation, Police will also be checking for adherence to COVID-19 restrictive measures in place. So far, 165 individuals have been stopped for not wearing masks. Meanwhile, 119 individuals have been fined for failure to adhere to the measures.

Police said that they will also be paying special attention to habitual offenders during this operation

Whilst the operation is mainly being carried out in conjunction with the new year – it will continue onto the next year as well.