Police: Leaked investigative report on presidential elections is not a legitimate document

Police Headquarters, Shaheed Hussain Adam Building. (Sun file photo/Ihthisham Adam)

Maldives Police Service has stated that the document leaked as the investigative report on 2018’s presidential elections is not a legitimate document.

In a press release publicized today, the Police said that it is a document that has been forged to look like one of theirs.

The statement further detailed that the name ‘Dhivehi Fuluhunge Hidhumaiy’ had only been used in their stamps after the new Police Service Act had come into force – whereas the stamps used prior to that would have read ‘Maldives Police Service’ instead.

In addition to this, the Police stressed that the document was forged for the purpose of decreasing the trust and guarantee placed on them by the public and strongly condemned the act.

Noting that the document was forged by using their stamp against the laws – the Police said that they will be probing into the case further.