Court orders BML to release dollars in Juvenile

BML has been sentenced by Naifaru Court to release the dollars owed to Naifaru Juvenile Organisation. BML has been holding this money, indicating lack of physical cash as an excuse.

In a session held today at the Naifaru Magistrate Court, the sentence issued by Magistrate Abdul Muhsin Adam says, “the money existing in Juvenile Organisation’s account at BML is a rightful possession of Juvenile Organisation. […] The Naifaru Court hereby orders BML to release the money in accordance with the amount indicated on the cheque to be written by Juvenile Organisation, provided that this amount exists in their account at BML.”

The sentence further reads, that Juvenile is an organisation which carries out projects, and the equipment necessary for these projects are often imported, for which the organisation needs dollars, and that monetary regulations do not conflict with Juvenile’s transactions using dollars.

The sentence issued against BML further states, “Even though the agreement signed for the opening of the account states that deposits to the account can be made in any currency available at the bank at that time, it does not state that the bank can hold the money when the owner requests withdrawal. Also, under no circumstances can the money be changed to a different currency without the approval of the owner.”