Newborn dies of shoulder dystocia at Addu Equatorial Hospital

Addu Equatorial Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

A newborn died at the Addu Equatorial Hospital on Saturday, after the baby’s shoulders got stuck inside the mother’s pelvis during birth. 

Addu Equatorial Hospital said in a statement that the newborn died from complications caused by shoulder dystocia. 

“Shoulder dystocia, while rare, puts both mother and child at risk,” said the hospital in its statement. 

Addu Equatorial Hospital said that a team of doctors and nurses tried, but failed to save the life of the newborn after birth. 

The hospital said that all such incidents are reviewed by the hospital, and corrective measures are taken. 

Sun has been informed that the baby was born to a woman from GDh. Vaadhoo. She was transferred to the Addu Equatorial Hospital due to lack of an anesthesiologist at the GA. Vilingili Hospital. 

The family has accused the hospital of malpractice, alleging that injuries were found on the baby’s body.