MP Falah: Development of hospitals at atolls decreased the load on Male’ area hospitals

West Maafannu MP Mohamed Falah. (Photo/People's Majlis)

West Maafannu MP Mohamed Falah has stated that the development of hospitals across different atolls by the current administration within the past three years has decreased the load on Male’ area hospitals.

Debating on the government-proposed budget for 2022 at today’s parliamentary session – MP Falah noted that MVR 4.6 billion has been allotted for the health sector in the budget which will be utilized to construct new hospitals and the development of existing hospitals across the nation.

Underscoring that the development of a tertiary hospital is included in the current administration’s manifesto – MP Falah pointed that a proportion from next year’s budget has been allocated for this purpose.

He also highlighted that islanders have been unable to travel to the Male’ area for medical purposes in the past two or so years as it was under lockdown in light of the pandemic. MP Falah said that despite this – islanders still had access to healthcare facilities due to the development of hospitals within their respective atolls.

“Island residents who required medical treatment were able to seek those services by traveling to other islands within the atoll. What the government did was develop those hospitals,” he had said.

MP Falah stressed the results of developing hospitals at atolls by the current administration are clearly evident.

“I can surely say that the development of those hospitals has decreased the load on the hospitals in Male’ area,” he added.

MP Falah also highlighted that the procurement of additional doctors and nurses was included in the budget proposed for next year.