Partaking in political activities made a ground for termination for civil servants

Velana Building: A government office complex located in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

An amendment to the Civil Service Regulation has been gazetted which stipulates that civil servants will be subject to termination from their jobs for partaking in political activities.

The amended regulation has categorized political discussions during office hours as a first-class misdemeanor. Political debates and talks during office hours are categorized as second-class misdemeanors.

In addition to this, partaking in a political activity during work hours – whether official or non-official – is considered an offense and also grounds for termination. Participating in a political activity in the capacity of a civil servant, participating in a political activity that may hinder officer responsibilities and displaying political bias are also pinned as grounds for termination under the amended regulation.

The display of discrimination based on political bias in carrying out office responsibilities and providing services for other people is also considered an offense.

Therefore – the new amendment has banned civil servants from partaking in political activities during work hours. However, there be no obstruction for civil servants to partake in political activities during non-work hours.