HPA: COVID-19 situation in the atolls still not the most ideal

Dr. Ibrahim Afzal speaks at a press conference held by Health Ministry and Health Protection Agency regarding COVID-19 and influenza on October 19, 2021. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aiman Ali)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has stated that although the number of COVID-19 cases being recorded in the Greater Male’ Area has significantly decreased – the COVID-19 situation in the atolls is still not the most ideal.

Speaking at a press conference today – HPA’s Epidemiologist Dr. Ibrahim Afzal said that the statistics indicate that COVID-19 cases being recorded have significantly decreased this month.

“When looking at the current caseload – the numbers are pretty low. But we cannot say that the situation in the atolls is the most ideal even at the moment,” he had said.

Citing this as a reason – Dr. Afzal said that additional easements cannot be given to COVID-19 restrictions at the moment. He also noted that additional easements have not been discussed as they cannot be given.

“In September – 66 people out of every 10,000 people have tested positive according to statistics. It is forecasted that the number will decrease in October,” he added.

HPA has advised completing the recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to lower the number of cases being recorded even further.

During today’s press conference, HPA also warned that with influenza cases on the continuous rise – there is a possibility for an outbreak. In this regard, they urged to take precautionary measures before this stage is reached.