TikToker Nabeel released, ordered 2-month social media ban

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Criminal Court has released the man arrested for indecent exposure on a TikTok video from police custody, under the condition he refrain from posting on social media for two months. 

Mohamed Nabeel, 36, a well-known local TikToker, was arrested on September 11, after he posted a video exposing himself.

He was released on Tuesday, October 12, after a month in detention after it was deemed he posed a threat to the community and could destroy evidence if released. 

Criminal Court states that Nabeel, who is accused of producing pornographic content, was granted conditional release. However, the court has not disclosed the conditions under which he was released. 

Sun has been informed that Nabeel was released after he agreed not to post anything on social media for two months. 

Nabeel had denied the allegation against him when presented before the court for his first remand hearing back on September 12.  

Nabeel said that he did not record a nude TikTok video. 

He said that TikTok only allows 60-second videos, and it is therefore impossible to post a three-minute video.  

He alleged that the video was edited by someone using his face to humiliate him. 

Nabeel, however, admitted to cross-dressing. And said it had prompted death threats against him. 

Police told the court they found the clothes Nabeel appeared to be wearing in the video from his bedroom.