Magoodhoo Council appeals to President for the establishment of an airport at the island

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meets with F. Magoodhoo Council on October 3, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

F. Magoodhoo Council has appealed to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih – requesting the establishment of an airport on the island.

Magoodhoo Council relayed their request to President Solih during a meeting held today at the President’s Office.

Speaking to Sun regarding this matter, Magoodhoo Council President Abdulla Waheed said the establishment of an airport at the island will ease a lot of difficulties faced by Magoodhoo residents as well as Faafu Atoll residents.

“A lot of benefits are guaranteed. Transportation will be made easy. It will create more job opportunities. Nearby resorts will also benefit from this,” he had said.

Waheed said that although the government had previously pledged to establish an airport at Magoodhoo – the matter had gone undiscussed for a prolonged period of time.

He added that despite this – it is the Council’s wish that an airport be established at Magoodhoo, or even another island from the atoll.

During today’s meeting, the Council also shared the most pertinent concerns and interests from their community – other than the establishment of an airport.

In this regard, they underlined the need to upgrade the health centre on the island – to provide 24-hour health services. The need for an ATM, a school library and a futsal field was also highlighted. Maagoodhoo Council also stressed the difficulties faced due to the limited budget allotted to them.

Responding to their concerns, President Solih assured that the government will work with relevant authorities to address the concerns. He also added that upgrading Magoodhoo Island's healthcare services and establishing a futsal field would be included in the budget for next year.