COVID-19: Fonadhoo, Veyvah, Maaenboodhoo placed under monitoring

L. Fonadhoo Health Centre.

Three additional residential islands outside the capital have been placed under monitoring in response to COVID-19 cases.

The islands placed under monitoring this Sunday are L. Fonadhoo, M. Veyvah, and Dh. Maaenboodhoo.


Fonadhoo Council’s president Ahmed Riyaz told Sun that the island was placed under monitoring after 10 direct contacts of an airport employee tested positive for COVID-19.

“This island currently has 14 active cases. 10 of them are direct contacts of an airport employee. Four tested positive during random testing. There aren’t any high-risk individuals among those who tested positive,” he said.

99.8 percent of the residents of Fonadhoo have received their first COVID-19 vaccine dose, while 92 percent have been fully vaccinated.


Veyvah Council’s president Mamdhooh Waheed, meanwhile, told Sun the source of the outbreak in the island is unclear.

Veyvah has confirmed seven cases.

“We don’t know where exactly COVID came from. The positive case was identified five days ago. We now have seven active cases. We will be taking a lot of random samples tomorrow,” he said.

The entire population of Veyvah is fully vaccinated, and it is also one of the islands that vaccinated travelers can visit without being subject to PCR tests.


Maaenboodhoo Council’s president Yoosuf Saeed told Sun the island has confirmed six cases.

He said its most likely the cases can be linked to a traveler from Male’ City.

An aerial shot of Dh. Maaenboodhoo.

“The person who tested positive was someone who arrived from Niyama resort. We believe it unlikely he got infected in Niyama. As the house where he stays in accommodates travelers from Male’, we believe it more likely he got infected there,” he said.

Over 95 percent of the residents of Maaenboodhoo are fully vaccinated, and the island was previously on the list of islands that vaccinated travelers can visit without being subject to PCR tests.