PPM comes to Councillor Shujau’s defense over Fiyavathi incident

Male’ City Council’s Hulhumale Constituency Member Ibrahim Shujau captured at a PPM press conference. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

Party of Maldives (PPM) has released a statement in the defense of Male’ City Council’s Hulhumale Constituency Member Ibrahim Shujau –  following the decision to submit a complaint against him to the Local Government Authority (LGA), for entering the state-run children’s shelter, Fiyavathi, amidst the uprest on Friday.

The statement released by PPM tonight read that at the peak of the uprest at Fiyavathi on Friday night – Shujau had been the person working the most to smoothen the situation. They added that the decision to file a complaint against him with the LGA was taken due to the responsible nature of his actions witnessed that night.

“Ibrahim Shujau will not take a step back in serving the people even if a People’s Majilis’ Committee decides to take action against him and lodge a complaint at LGA – just because they were unable to comprehend the fact that the people were commending his actions” the statement also read.

PPM also stresses that Shujau is a responsible person who works towards solving societal issues.

During the uprest which took place at Fiyavathi on Friday – Shujau was seen active on the site. The Parliament’s Human Rights and Gender Committee had decided to lodge the complaint against Shujau stating that “a Male’ City Council member had visited the shelter, communicated with some of the children there and had tried to let additional people into the shelter”.