Family notified 43 minutes after inmate collapsed

Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The timeline released by Home Ministry of the recent death of an inmate at the Hulhumale’ Prison shows his family was notified 43 minutes after he suddenly collapsed. 

Mohamed Aslam, 40, Janavareege, GDh. Vaadhoo, was serving a three-year sentence at the Hulhumale’ Prison for a drug-related conviction. 

He died in the hospital on Monday evening, shortly after he was taken to the hospital after he suddently collapsed while sitting on top of a table at the yard area in the prison. 

Home Ministry said on Tuesday afternoon that the sudden death of the inmate, who Maldives Correctional Service said in an earlier statement was not known to have any serious medical condition, is being investigated by the Inspector of Correctional Service. 

Home Ministry has also released a timeline of the incident. 

According to the Home Ministry, Aslam was captured on CCTV sitting on top of a table at 05:55 pm.  

At 05:59 pm, he collapsed and fell off the table. A fellow inmate began to immediately administer CPR. 

Officers attended to the scene at 06:02 pm, and found Aslam unresponsive. 

He was taken to the hospital at 06:10 pm. Doctors immeidately attended to him. 

At 06:30 pm, officers began to make phonecalls to reach family members. They managed to reach a family member at 06:42 pm, and notified them of the situation. 

Officers reported the incident to the Inspector of Correctional Service at 06:51 pm. 

At 06:55 pm, Aslam was declared dead by the doctors, and at 07:25 pm, employees of the Inspectorate arrived at the scene. 

Maldives Correctional Service said the death has also been reported to Maldives Police Service and Human Rights Commission of Maldives.