MP Wadde to top govt. officials: Resign if you can’t honor pledges

Ungoofaaru MP Mohamed Waheed (Wadde). (Photo/People's Majlis)

Ungoofaaru MP Mohamed Waheed (Wadde) called on top government officials on Monday to resign and go home if they are unable to work in accordance with the pledges made to the people. 

At the parliamentary sitting on Monday, Wadde said a candidate running in the upcoming national council elections by the main ruling party - Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) - told him he was being coerced into withdrawing from the elections by a government minister. 

“Yesterday, a candidate running in the MDP internal election from my district called and told me that Jumhoory Party’s deputy leader, Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan is telling MDP candidates to withdraw their name. Telling Fisheries Ministry staff. To withdraw their names. And he is not even an MDP member,” he said. 

Wadde said the current administration came to power in 2018 with the promise that it will not discriminate, establish justice, and will not threaten government employees with the loss of their jobs.  

He said that the reality was that discrimination has spread extensively, even within MDP itself. 

“We are seeing heads of state companies being forced to campaign for specific candidates under the threat of the loss of their job,” he said. 

Wadde called on government officials unable to honor pledges to resign and go home. 

There are other people capable of fulfilling their jobs, he said.