Police search for man who fraudulently obtained money in a phone scam

Nafiu Saleem, 50, M. Kudhimaa Villa, Male’ City. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Police is searching for a man who is suspected of fraudulently obtaining money from a person in a phone scam.

Police issued a public announcement seeking help to bring in Nafiu Saleem, 50, M. Kudhimaa Villa, Male’ City, for the investigation into the crime on Thursday.

Police said that the current whereabouts of the suspect is unknown, leaving the agency unable to serve summons instructing him to present himself for questioning. 

Nafiu has been present himself to the Shaheedh Hussain Adam Building by next Wednesday, September 15.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect has been asked to contact the HA. Ihavandhoo Police Station at 9792265. 

As per information received to Sun, Nafiu has a criminal history of drug-related crimes and several other offenses.