Committee formed to proofread all Islam and Quran school textbooks

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali speaks at a press conference on September 6, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A special committee has been formed that will undertake the task of proofreading all Islam and Quran textbooks publicized for school children.

Education Ministry stated that this is an independent committee – and they have begun their work already.

The committee is formed in three-member teams for each grade.

Education Ministry said that the committee is targeting to complete the proofreading works by the end of next week.

As part of their tasks – the committee will also formulate and submit a comprehensive report detailing the mistakes found in the books.

Mistakes in the Quran verses written in Islam and Quran school textbooks had come to light last week. Subsequently, Education Ministry had stated that they were working alongside the National Institute of Education (NIE) to solve the issue.

A press conference was also held by the Ministry on Monday – during which Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali stated that the Ministry is probing into finding those responsible for negligence in connection to the mistakes found in the Islam and Quran textbooks of some grades.

“We have formulated a small committee now – to investigate. To find out why this happened. Who had been negligent and what caused the mistakes. The committee commenced its work yesterday,” she had said.

She also noted that should mistakes be noticed in the textbooks of any other subjects – this will also be looked into.

It was also noted during the press conference that mistakes had been found in both 2015 and 2018 textbooks - both publicized and used since the previous administration.