PG Shameem: No place for corruption within PG Office

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem speaks at a press conference on August 3, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem has stated that there is no place for corruption within the Prosecutor General's Office. 

He had made this statement while responding to a question posed by West Henveyru MP Hassan Latheef at a convening of the Parliament’s Judiciary Committee. 

In this regard, Hassan Latheef had asked Shameem whether there were written policies regarding how the conduct of prosecutors working in the Prosecutor General's Office shall be maintained, as well as how matters of misconduct will be addressed. 

In response, Shameem had stated that the Prosecutor General's Office has a written policy regarding how the conduct of prosecutors should be maintained, as well as how misconduct will be addressed - prior to him assuming office as well. He also noted that any changes he wishes to bring to existing policies are to improve the regulations as per the newer laws.

Shameem further detailed that the existing policy has been followed since former Attorney General Dr. Mohamed Munavvar's term - in order to prevent corruption. Whereas this policy is being enforced, for an act to be considered corrupt, six individuals who are in six posts of different levels must be involved in the act – which Shameem says is highly unlikely.

“The policy is in place to prevent corruption. There is no corruption within PG Office. What I am saying is, for an act to be considered corrupt – it has to involve about six people at the same time. This is something very difficult. About five to six people who are all at different posts of different levels being involved in the same matter – is not something we have ever experienced before,” he had said.

Speaking further, Shameem noted he is content with the existing policy as it guarantees that corruption does not take place within the PG Office. Noting that if such a case arises – Shameem said that policies were also in place to address them.