Saudi delegates arrive in Maldives to discuss the opening of King Salman Mosque

King Salman Mosque in Male' city, constructed under with the aid of the Saudi Arabia, (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A delegation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has arrived in the Maldives on an official visit – to hold discussions regarding the opening of the King Salman Mosque.

According to the Spokesperson of the President’s Office, the delegates had arrived earlier today. They are led by the Under Secretary for Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia Awwad Sabty M. Alenezi.

Spokesperson Mabrook further detailed that the discussions will commence tomorrow. Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Ministry National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure and President’s Office’s Foreign Relations Office will engage in the discussions on behalf of the Maldives – as stakeholding parties.

King Salman Mosque was initially supposed to be opened for last Ramadan. Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir has previously stated that the delays in opening the mosque was as a delegation from Saudi Arabia is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony.

A total of USD 25 million was spent on building the mosque. USD 14.5 million was provided by the Saudi government. The remaining amount was funded by the Maldivian government.

Around 4,000 worshippers can be accommodated on the first and second floors of the mosque. The third floor is comprised of four classrooms and five seminar rooms. The fourth floor consists of a library an auditorium able to accommodate 350 people. The fifth floor is a multi-purpose hall, able to accommodate 300 people.

King Salman Mosque was built by the Turkish company, Turmaks.