Aishath Hassan appointed as Chief Statistician

Chief Statistician at Maldives Bureau of Statistics Aishath Hassan. (Photo/Maldives Bureau of Statistics)

Aishath Hassan has been appointed as Maldives Bureau of Statistics’ Chief Statistician.

The appointment was announced by the Bureau today via a tweet.

Maldives Bureau of Statistics was established under the newly enacted Maldives Statistics Act – in place of the existing National Bureau of Statistics. Following this, all the work being carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics was transferred to the Maldives Bureau of Statistics.

A Chief Statistician is appointed to the Bureau by the President under the directions of the Finance Minister for a term of five years in order to oversee its works. A Chief Statistician being appointed in this regard, must not be someone who is incumbent in a political or elected position nor be a member of any political party.

Aishath Hassan holds a degree in Economics and Management. She also has a master’s degree in Ecometrics.