Roads in Hulhumale’ Phase II that leads up to flats opened for public use

Hulhumale' Phase II.

The roads which lead up to the Hiya Flats in Hulhumale’ Phase II have been opened for public use.

An official from Housing Development Corporation (HDC) confirmed to Sun that the roads leading up to the flats in Phase II which are currently occupiable – have been opened for public use as of today.

However, the official added that the remaining roads will remain closed – whereas the roads of Hulhumale’ Phase II will completely be opened for public use at a later time.

The decision to open additional roads at Phase II for public use comes at a point in time where Hiya Flat owners and their families have begun moving into their respective units.

While HDC has begun to hand over the keys of the units to the owners who have already signed the agreement – HDC has also noted that flats H15 and H16 will be supplied with electricity starting today.